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When will I be billed?

At Hytale Hosting, we've gone to extensive measures to create the fairest and simplest billing system that we can realistically offer. We know that it's sometimes easy to forget to pay for your Hytale server, which is why we offer both an automated subscription system as well as two grace periods; one which is a 3 day long pre-disablement grace period, and a second which is a 30 day long pre-termination grace period. All billing dates displayed below are exemplary and are ultimately based on the first day of service following a purchase that you make with us.



 Additional Details

1. Invoices are regularly generated approximately 7 days prior to your server's renewal date. You will be notified via email of this.
2. Attempts will be made to automatically debit funds from your designated billing account (PayPal, Stripe, Bitcoin, etc.) 48 hours, and 24 hours prior to your server's renewal date. You will be notified via email at both intervals.
 Any unpaid services will be suspended after 3 days (approximately 72 hours) of non-payment. You will be notified via email of this suspension.
4. If a service remains unpaid for an additional 30 days (33 days in total), it will be terminated and all data associated with said service will be permanently erased in order to preserve storage.

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